Take me out to the ball game…

The 2012 baseball season started recently. Are you a fan?  Fan or not, if you worked for the public relations team at one of the 30 major league teams, what would you suggest to entice people to come to a game? Special prices? Giveaways? Be specific in what you would do. Remember, it’s easier to have fans in the seats when your team is winning. Therefore, come up with two plans: one, if the team is doing well and a second, when the team is in a slump.

I personally am not a crazy MLB fan… I love the Braves, I love going to games and I genuinely usually enjoy baseball. With that being said, if I were on the public relations team for one of the 30 major league teams I would entice people to attend games in several different ways.

1. I would make sure to have random giveaways to pass out to one lucky winner during each inning. These could include lottery tickets, free meal at local restaurants, gift cards, etc. And most likely these items could be donated by the local establishments for the promotion on the big screen.

2. I would have a staff that was fun and inventive. When you have a staff that doesn’t mind going out on the field or up into the stands to do a fun dance or something to get the fans to interact in between the innings, it can cause for the fans to have a fun time, regardless if the home team is winning or losing.

3. I would try to have an event catered to the kids. Kids love baseball games, parents like taking their kids there, and we want them to have fun! The adults without kids have alcohol to make them smile, I want something to make the kids smile and have a good time.

All three of these things will benefit attendance regardless if the team is doing well or not so I think I will just stick to these! 🙂

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5 Responses to Take me out to the ball game…

  1. ryanmatherly says:

    I like the ide of free stuff as well as an event catered for kids. The kids are a big reason the parents go to the baseball game in the first place. Nice idea.

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  3. PRbetty says:

    good idea about the fun and innovated staff that participates and interacts with the fans in the stands.

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  5. Cait Bailey says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of MLB either, but I do love attending my share of games. By having promotions, freebies, and discounts at games, it increases the likelihood of the fans returning. I like your ideas!

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