Social Media is Beneficial!

I have actually had multiple conversations with this topic with my parents. I can remember when computers were the new hit thing, I was very young and my dad was so proud when he bought his first Microsoft Office, Windows ’95. I remember playing video games on the computer and it literally taking an hour to boot up. My mom trumped my dad when she purchase the Microsoft Office, Windows ’98 edition and simply explained she is always up to date with technology, as she is a Nurse Manager for two floors at the Medical College of Georgia.

I remember thinking what fools my parents where as I was playing on my Mac in homeroom at my extremely privileged private school and thinking how silly they were to even compare their Windows to the amazing Mac I could do so much on.

Wow, have the times changed!

Both of my parents have Ipods, Iphones, Macbooks, etc. My dad has even talked about getting an Ipad. My mother is not yet on Facebook, but I’m sure she will join the force soon. At first they were both very nervous about new technology, social media and well it all, but after seeing the amazing things they can do and the people they are now able to stay in touch with, I don’t think they will ever go back.

If I had an employer who was a little nervous about social media, I would simply show them all of the things I could do for their company using social media. Sending out surveys via the internet, keeping a blog for customers to refer to, posting deals on Twitter and having fans on Facebook… even though these outlets may seem so foreign to the employer, by explaining the benefits of really relating to the customer, I think I could swing them a vote in my favor. After all, I did with my parents!

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