Oh my childhood…

Wow, what an intense question! There is no way I could pick just one favorite TV show to bring back because there were so many great ones:

Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, Goosebumps, Recess, All That, PB & J Otter, Dexter’s Laboratory, Pepper Ann, Braceface, The Power Rangers, The Powerpuff Girls, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Doug, Clarissa Explains it all, The Amanda Show… the list could probably go on forever!

I would bring back these TV shows, each of them, because they all had some sort of monumental meaning in my life! Probably not as much as I think, and I’m sure if I watched them now I would be so bored, or annoyed by how silly or childish they really are. But when I was a kid, these TV shows were the best part of my Friday night, when my mom would let us order pizza and we would all sit around and watch T.G.I.F! I know that not all of these shows were on T.G.I.F. but the ones that were… they were the best shows ever! I actually have some shows of Hey Arnold, Dexter’s Laboratory, Doug and even All That on my Netflix account! I enjoy getting to watch them, but they are all reruns and it is high time for new material! I would personally love to bring back Gilmore Girls, even though that was a little after my childhood and more of my teenage years. I have every season of that show and it is the best, and if I could, I would rewrite the last (7th) season, because they got a new writer and it frankly wasn’t as good as the first 6!

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3 Responses to Oh my childhood…

  1. ryanmatherly says:

    I completely forgot about Are You Afraid of The Dark! That show scared me to death as a kid and I loved every second of it haha. I miss evening NIck shows so much

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  3. How did I forget about Recess? That show was definitely my afternoon cartoon special. I remember it came on twice and I always sad that it wasn’t coming on again. From my recollection it came on at 5 pm. Wait, why do I remember that haha?

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