Social Media

I am so glad that I have a class like social media to help me understand all of the different sites that are out there. Social media is huge and honestly will continue to keep growing as time goes on. My parents recently got a joint Facebook account so that they can stay in touch with their friends who no longer respond to their email messages. I think that is something that will continue to happen. People are going to move away from what is the norm, and shift over to the social media sites as means for communication.

With that, clients and employers need to understand the power of social media. I am thankful to be interning in an office that understands this concept, that lets me maintain the Facebook page for the office. I have researched other outlets for them to use, and honestly they could easily use other social media sites. They have started to use a blog on wordpress and I am so excited to see where that blog goes.

Using social media in a campaign is extremely important. It is extremely inexpensive, if not free and it reaches a much larger audience in a shorter amount of time! If I was in charge of a campaign or helping someone on their road with a campaign, I will definitely hone in on how important and useful social media is. The person running can upload videos, add linkablity, pictures, get to really tell there story, and then publish it to a mass audience.

Social media isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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One Response to Social Media

  1. christina890 says:

    I definitely agree, social media is not going anywhere and it is so important for campaigns. It helps reach so many more people than traditional methods could.

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