Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

I’ve often pondered this question.

“If you could go back to freshman year, would you do anything differently?”

The truth is, yes and no.

I can remember how excited and nervous I was to be off on my own in college. And to be honest, I was so timid and reserved my freshman year. That is normally the time when people really come out of their shell and lose some of the inhibitions they may have had. Well not me. I was too scared to do anything too crazy. If I could go back, I think I would have had a few more adventures. Classes were so easy and I had nothing else on my plate and honestly had all the time in the world. I can remember when I thought taking 15 hours and doing nothing else was a lot. Now, I barely have time to eat breakfast in the mornings.

I think if I could go back, I would find a different group of friends, a stronger group that I really connected with. I was afraid at first to branch out, so I hung out with a crowd all from my home town, and of course learned nothing new about myself, life, the world… Not that I didn’t love those friends, and still do, its just college is about finding yourself and finding the things that you truly enjoy without the pressure from other people, and I definitely missed out on that my freshman year by hanging around with the same crowd. 

I did love freshman year though. The ease of everything… No worries, troubles or cares. It was a great time that I love to remember, but my later years in college is where I really developed into who I am today. So all in all, I guess I wouldn’t really want to go back and change too much, because then I might not be where I am today. 

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