Social Media… Yazzooww!

Wow, what a broad topic to discuss what I think are the advantages and disadvantages of social media? 
First, I guess I would have to start off with how fast it has grown. I can think back to middle school when everyone was getting a MySpace, then slowly high schoolers were allowed to have Facebook. Now we have Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Instragram… I mean I could name for days what sites we have.
Social media is awesome in many ways. I am on Facebook honestly all day. It is linked into my phone and whenever someone posts on my wall, sends me a message, I am notified via a red dot on the corner of the app. I love keeping in constant contact with friends. Its different than texting because you can read someones status and see how there day is going, offer some words of advice or encouragement and go on with your day. 
Its like easy friendship… you don’t really have to put in the time or effort to call or text someone, you just type a quick sentence and they are like “OMG… she cares!” 🙂 [that was meant to be funny]
Twitter, Pinterest, all of the others… honestly they are great outlets for information. I always find out the latest gossip via these sites, its super easy to creep on people and find out what is going on… I mean its really entertaining
as well as informational when people use it correctly and are not obnoxious. 
With all that said, sometimes social media is downright ridiculous. People are constantly updating me and the whole world on their lives. I don’t care if you are eating a doughnut. (See insert below)
I think social media is great for those who don’t abuse it, use it in moderation and for the reasons it was created…

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3 Responses to Social Media… Yazzooww!

  1. ryanmatherly says:

    Ok first off, I’m just an old man because I didn’t get Myspace until high school. I like the fast friendship aspect though. It definitely brings the world closer together for sure. Most of the time that’s good, but sometimes it can get ugly

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  3. I agree with you. It is the easiest friendship ever. You get way more Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook than you ever would in person or through the mail.

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