I Have A Dream…

My parents, especially my mom, have always been incredibly encouraging of my dreams. They’ve always told me since I was young that I can do anything I set my mind to and as cheesy as it sounds, I still believe them.

Just because you have a dream and it may not work out, does not mean that you should give up hope or stop trying. If it is something you truly want to do, you can, with perseverance and passion, I truly believe you can achieve anything.

For me, my dream career job is something involving Student Affairs and a job that makes me happy. I know that probably sounds lame to a lot of people, but both of my parents main career goals were to make money. And they are both miserable. They complain about their jobs all day and everyday, and I don’t want to be like that. I want the good to outweigh the bad and I want to feel like I am making a difference at my job.

Others that may be competing for the same job, well they may be cool, but I wonder if they will have a personality like mine, or experiences like I have had. This amazing university has given me a chance to be a part of so many different opportunities and organizations in Student Affairs and has really given me a “leg up” so to speak on my competition. I definitely think Student Affairs is competitive, but professionals in that field are always needed and therefore I don’t think I will ever be without a job for too long…                        (at least I hope not!)

For now, I am staying active in my organizations, applying to top Graduate programs for a Student Affairs, Higher Education degree and hoping for the best. Hopefully that will be enough in the long run. 🙂

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4 Responses to I Have A Dream…

  1. bellag1 says:

    I love your post. Mainly because I feel the same way about my dream job- I want to be happy. I’d rather enjoy what I’m doing rather than make a ton of money also.

  2. ryanmatherly says:

    I like that. My dad always tells me, if you love what you do, money will find you. I think he’s right. Money makes things easier. But I’d rather work a decent paying job I love, than a great paying job I hate.

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  4. I think it is important to realize that no matter what you’re dream job should make you happy. dad hates his job sometimes as well because it is mega stressful and I can tell he is uptight at times. I think its difficult to find your dream job but if you have the passion for it anything is possible!!

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