Oh Pinterest, what do I say about you?

First and foremost, I myself do no have a Pinterest. Everyone of my friends have one and honestly they are always on it. I personally do not have the time to be addicted to any more social media outlets, so I need to keep myself limited this semester, therefore I have been avoiding the site.

I think Pinterest is a great PR tool because friends can share what they like in a heart beat. If there is a good product out there that customers love, people will eventually see it pinned by someone and may become interested and wish to be more knowledgeable about the product.

Also, I do not think Pinterest is a fad. I feel like it is very similar to facebook, in that people say they are sick of it or do not wish to use it anymore, yet they never deactivate their accounts. I feel like Pinterest offers a different aspect of social media and can be extremely useful and people definitely take advantage of that.

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One Response to Pinterest

  1. I agree with you!! Pinterest is far from a fad and can be used to help visual people and beyond that it is like a huge recipe book. You should get one. I have one now and I only get on it if I need ideas or help. I do not think it is totally addicting like facebook.

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