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Social media has drastically changed the PR world! PR professionals used to have to send out personalized invitations to companies and people for events and plan months ahead for events. It used to take PR professionals hours if not days to have a response if something went wrong with a client.

These days with social media all of that has changed. Now, if something happens with a client, a PR Professional can post on the internet a remark within a few minutes. Also, invitations can be online, calendars can be checked with the click of a button and RSVP’s can be given incredibly faster than they used to be.

I think some of the changes are for the better, I like knowing whats going on in my friends lives, but sometimes it can be a little too intense. I think having too many social media outlets is not healthy. We as humans need contact and human interaction. We are receiving that more and more with Skype and other ways to physically see each other and interact, but we still need contact as in touch. I would rather have a conversation with someone in person than on the phone or via Facebook.

I do think there are a lot of positives to social media though! I think that people that do not have a background in PR but try to handle all of the social media for one office or corporation are probably in over their head. It is a lot to manage and a lot to learn and become equipped to. Plus, they are not trained on the proper way to handle situations that may arise and do not have experience in the field.

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4 Responses to Social Media

  1. I agree that those not properly trained in public relations would have a hard time working in social media, especially when a crisis arises. I also agree that social media cannot replace the personal feeling of dealing with your publics face-to-face and that social media can make us lose the human feel of working with people.

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  3. ilovepr1540 says:

    I agree with all of this! I have to say that when I saw the word Skype I was like, “ew, Skype,” no offense to it, but nobody looks flattering on webcams and I shudder at the idea of professionals seeing me on there. This goes for FaceTime too. I know that may be random, but that was my reaction.

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