SMNR- Say What!?!

First, let me begin by defining social media. According to Wikipedia “social media describes the online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other.” A SMNR (social media news release) is a news release that is released through means of social media whether that be e-mail, blog, etc. The advantages of having a SMNR is that multimedia can be attached easily. Let’s say you are releasing a news release on a new product launch. You have the ability to add in key words that can be searched, photographs, videos, music, etc. You could add a link to a website and people can instantly click to buy all within a matter of seconds. Manny Ruiz, president of Hispanic PR Wire, says that “The press release of the last century is dead.” He adds, “In its place is a dynamic service that is more of an interactive marketing tool, more relevant and compelling for journalist; the difference is it’s not only for journalists.” The audience for SMNR’s is extremely vast compared to a normal new release. A disadvantage to SMNR is that they are usually substantially shorter compared to a normal news release, which can sometimes be a good thing. Yet, sometimes leaving the reader with more questions and having to dig for more information. A PR practitioner should consider using a SMNR when they have a young or wide audience to reach. Also, if it is a product that has a lot of information on the web, or a way to add in a lot of graphics, videos, etc, it will be more interesting to the reader. However, if they are trying to reach an older group of people, I would recommend a traditional news release. 

Five tips for creating your SMNR:

  • Use correct grammar and make sure your news release flows
  • Add in links, videos, pictures, etc, as necessary and possible
  • Be creative, but not over the top
  • Make sure to check and see how your SMNR will look once you post it
  • PROOF READ, PROOF READ, PROOF READ- there is nothing worse than a SMNR that is unreadable or understandable


I have created a SMNR. You can find it at

I wrote this SMNR to inform the public about a President’s Ball that Georgia Southern University’s Student Government Association will be hosting in the Fall of 2011. It has been an even that has been discussed for a few months and the organization thinks they will finally be able to host the event this coming fall. At the event, faculty and staff from the university will be invited, as well as students who pay a small fee for a ticket. All of the proceeds will go to the organizations philanthropy the United Way. The target audience for this SMNR was anyone at Georgia Southern University. The organization wants to reach as many students and faculty as possible in order to raise the most amount of money for their event.

For an example of a SMNR visit

Want to know how to create a SMNR? This website offers everything you need to know

Brian Solis has an awesome blog about Social Media News Releases, check it out:


Visit for a free SMNR site.

Want to know how to create your own SMNR? Look at this blog:

Also referenced in this blog Public relations writing and media techniques by Dennis Wilcox














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