Twitter For a Week

For this past week, I was required to participate in Twitter for a class. I have thought about getting a Twitter account because so many of my friends say it is awesome and very useful. However, I have just never gotten around to getting one, and it can be somewhat confusing at first. When I first set up my Twitter, I was really confused at the difference between # and @ and what I was supposed to be doing. After about a day, I realized the usefulness of Twitter. I was writing a paper for another class and wanted a way to check my APA citations and I posted that on Twitter. Within a few minutes, someone posted a website that checks APA citations, and honestly it saved my paper. I also was informed about Amy Winehouse’s tragic death way before I would have found out on Facebook. Also, by following certain celebrities I am able to show them my support and find out what is going on in their life. That is honestly one of my favorite parts. I love to see them Tweet stuff and realize that they are so similar to me. I also like to include them in a Tweet and show them some support. After we lost the women’s world cup, I Tweeted that even though we lost and I was happy for Japan that I was still really proud of our team and I tagged certain players that I think are absolutely awesome. I really feel like I will continue using my Twitter, I think that the more I use it the better I will be at it and the more I will enjoy it. I want to continue to use Twitter because it definitely came in handy when I needed something, so in that aspect it could be very valuable for me to continue to use it. If you haven’t experienced Twitter I definitely recommend it! No matter how much or little you use it, it can definitely still be useful!!/K_Hilson


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