Top 5 Favorite Movies

Wow, this blog may be a few pages long! haha I love movies and have a very random reason for my top 10 but here goes:

1. Almost Famous (the one with Kate Hudson, not Jennifer Aniston and Marky Mark) is my number one favorite movie of all time (thus far) because it was a family thing. My dad, brother and I used to watch this movie ALL THE TIME. We all three have like 4 individual copies of the DVD. This movie is about classic rock in the 1960’s and 70’s and follows a young journalist trying to make his way in the music critic business. Not only does this movie have a great theme, great lessons, but awesome music. Let me know if you want to see it! I can probably loan you a DVD ūüôā

2. Gladiator is my number two favorite movie because it is to this date the only movie that has ever made me cry (that I can remember). Crazy, I know, but it was awesome, amazing and I love Russell Crowe!

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s- its a classic, Audrey is amazing and who wouldn’t love to eat breakfast outside of Tiffany & Co.!?!

4. A tie between StepBrothers and Dodgeball- I can quote both of these movies to no end, and they never stop being funny to me!

5. Again a tie between Breakfast Club and 16 Candles- both Molly Ringwald, but I really just can’t pick one of the two.

I’m going to stop there with my top 5 because top 10 is just a little too much for this blog!

So far this summer I have seen Bad Teacher, the premieres for both Transformers 3 and Harry Potter 7 pt.2. I liked Bad Teacher, but I thought it would be funnier. I absolutely loved Transformers 3, but I also have a closet obsession with Transformers, so there was no surprise there, and that leaves me with HP7.2. I have been reading the HP series since I was 8 years old in the 3rd grade. I waited around forever and ever once I turned 11 for my letter to Hogwarts and when it never came, it was really hard to deal with (not kidding). To say that I have grown up with HP and the gang is an understatement. All that being said, the movies have never done the book justice, but they have tried and I will give them credit. The 7th book (which everyone should read, I promise it goes by fast) ended¬†epic-ally¬†for me. I literally sat in my bedroom in awe at the magic JK Rowling had tied in every other book together with the last one, how did she do it!?! The movie however, did not have this feel of epic-ness to it. It was good, I enjoyed it, I almost teared up realizing the end was over and thought about walking out of the theater for it to not really end, but it did, and it just wasn’t the feeling I thought I would always get. Long story short, great movie, unless you’ve read the books, then it was a good movie.


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3 Responses to Top 5 Favorite Movies

  1. bh01480 says:

    I LOVE the movie Almost Famous (of course, the one with Kate Hudson)!! I actually had to watch it for a class and it was the first time I had ever seen it, and I just fell in love with it!

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  3. EricaGardner says:

    I love Love LOVE The Breakfast Club!!!! Lol, I can’t believe I forgot to put in my list!

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