“I can be your hero baby…”

Sorry about the title, I was listening to this song the other day. 🙂 (Hero, by Enrique Iglesias) Sometimes, this question is very difficult to answer. I have a lot of role models, some that I definitely look up to, and some that I work with on a regular basis. I guess if I had to pick just one, it would be Erin Campbell in the Admissions Office here on campus. Erin and I worked very closely together over a two year span when I was a SOAR Leader and SOAR Returner. I always tell her that I learned everything I know from her. And in an essence, that statement is true. When I first met her, I was a little rough around the edges, so to speak, and I was an early childhood education major, with a passion for kids, but not for teaching. After my first summer as a SOAR Leader, I began to question my major and really what I wanted to do and Erin stepped in and helped me through a long process of trying to figure that out. Now I am in my senior year as a public relations major, I have a lot going for me on this campus, and I have big plans for my future. I want to go to grad school for student affairs and become someone else’s Erin. She’s just always there with awesome advice, or a wise word for me to wrap my head around. Even though she is a professional staff member, she is never to professional, or busy, to have a conversation and help guide me through any tough decision or even a simple work problem. She’s the best!

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