Insecure or not insecure, that is the question

It is really sad to me how much the media plays into peoples emotions about themselves. Girls are becoming anorexic and bulimic at younger ages each year. Boys try to find supplements to make them stronger and bigger at younger ages. People say that it isn’t true, and it may not be for them personally, but a lot of people, including children, are depressed because of their body image and how they view themselves physically.

Society is constantly changing images of what the perfect man and woman should look like. 50 years ago Marilyn Monroe was the ideal woman with her voluptuous body and sexy curves. Now the ideal woman is that of resemblance to a pencil, skinny with minimal curves. The media plays a very important role in all of this because they are the ones telling people what they should look like. Magazines, television shows and movies all cast strong, buff men and skinny, model type women when in reality very few people actually are that thin or muscular.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what all public relations personnel should do about how the media makes people feel. I guess letting people know that not all of the images are true to form, meaning some have been edited in some way, and that you should be happy as you.

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8 Responses to Insecure or not insecure, that is the question

  1. ggonzalez33 says:

    I completely agree with you. And it is hard to figure out what should be done because its been engraved in the publics minds.

  2. You made a great point about how society deemed what perfect is has changed over the years. I think as a PR personnel you could see that more “normal” or “average” people were shown in the media sort of how Dove has done with their brand.

  3. kourtnilee says:

    I love how you titled your blog, it is completely true! I also love how you brought Marilyn Monroe into it, if only that was how the world saw the perfect girl now!

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  5. ashleycrand says:

    You’re definitely right that society is constantly changing its idea of beauty. All we can really do is try to change our peers beliefs and hope that together we can change that perception of beauty.

  6. amandakep says:

    I hate that the media sets such crazy standards for how we should look. I’m really happy with my appearance but I still get self conscious about how I look thanks to things I see on TV and in magazines. PR personnel should really consider stepping up their game in trying to change media’s standards.

  7. I agree with you. I believe that the media is sending the wrong image and that we should not all be stick skinny. We as regular people don’t have the time or money to stay that skinny. To be honest that isn’t even very pretty. I said that a good idea from a public relations stand point would be to do an all natural campaign and have celebrities to participate.

  8. alkeenan says:

    I agree with what you are saying but I believe it is also important for people to have self-confidence and to establish their own lifestyle and beliefs without the influence of the media. I agree that a stand should be taken to show that you should be yourself and not conform in to what others want you to be.

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