I can still remember when I woke up Christmas morning of my eighth grade year and my brother and I both got the Nokia “Brick” cell phone from Santa. (My brother is older and it was easier and cheaper for my parents to just get me one too :)) I was so excited, but to be honest I had no need for a cell phone. It wasn’t until I started driving that I appreciated having a phone and I honestly do not think kids these days should have cell phones unless it is a certain circumstance.

With that being said, I am nervous to see where technology will be by the time I am 80. I can’t fathom what could happen in the next 58 years. It makes me think of all of the futuristic movies where we buy things with the scan of our eyes and cars drive for us. While it all seems nice, I consider myself to be somewhat old fashioned. I would much rather be in the company of another human being than talk to them via social media, or even over the phone. I like to drive my car the speed I want to and I even like black and white pictures.

I’m not sure if some things will remain the same, but I hope they do. I think old pictures are cool, and I think cell phones should not do half of the things they can because then what is the use for a computer or a camera? I hope things progress, but not to the extent of forgetting where these original ideas came from or I guess the “vintage” forms of things.

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4 Responses to Technology

  1. amandakep says:

    I’m currently working at an elementary school summer program and it’s absolutely ridiculous to see the amount of kids who have cell phones… and they’re nicer than mine! I was SO grateful that my family happened to switch their phone plan so I could get a phone about a year earlier than I was supposed to.

    And I’m with you on being old fashioned. Technology is great, but I’d much rather have human contact.

  2. tinaspeak says:

    I am definitely nervous as well. I am going to try to stay in touch with things as much as possible but as some point I feel like we’re going to have to let go. I agree about vintage. I think it is important to appreciate the old as well as the new. Also, sometimes the best things are vintage pieces, especially clothing and decor.

  3. I think things will be waaaay too digital…I mean, they’re already coming out with technology that will read our eye movements and translate that into what we want or are trying to do. That’s scary to think that we won’t ever have to think for ourselves or really do anything manually anymore.
    I guess I’m the same as you being “old-fashioned.” I hope a lot of the classic good things stay the same and we don’t forget too much about where we used to be.

  4. I agree, I like the old vintage stuff too, and I hope we don’t totally forget about those times. I love how much my smart phone can do but it does scare me because, if we can do all these things now, I’m nervous, what it will be able to do in 50 years. I can’t help but think about the book 1984, and hope we don’t become like that.

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