The best advice I have ever been given to date is to follow your heart. This may sound really lame but I originally started college as an Education major because that is what my parents and I had always talked about. That I would become a teacher, teach at my old elementary school and coach volleyball. My life was planned out for me. Well, when I was a sophomore I had the opportunity to go into the field and see what it would be like to teach and I absolutely hated it. I hated everything about it (well not the students) but the politics, the curriculum, just everything. I spent the next year trying to figure out a way to tell my parents that teaching was not what I wanted to do, and instead I wanted to do public relations. I finally told them after I had changed my major and my dad was fine with it, his only concern was how much money it was going to cost him since I changed so late. My mother however still has not gotten used to the idea. She claims it is too intense and competitive of a field and that with teaching I am guaranteed a job. But one, that is not true (on the guaranteed part) and two, its not what I love to do. Anyway, long story short I did what I wanted to and I haven’t looked back for a second. I can’t wait to graduate and start the life I want to live and show my parents how much happier I will be in the PR field than in a couped up classroom with 25 children.

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  1. WatzNew says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Life is short and you have to do what will make you happy. I had wanted to be a Pharmacist because the pay and job security thats what I was told to do. I work as a Certified Pharmacy Tech for 4 years now and I hate it, I only consider it a j-o-b. I’m majoring in Journalism which was what I always wanted to do. Keep shooting for your dreams. If thats what your heart desires you will be successful in it.

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