High School Me

Honestly, I was very much the same in high school as I am today. I was really involved in high school, and I am really involved in college. I have a lot of the same types of friends, I am still close with my family, and my brother is still my best friend. One thing that has changed is my outlook on life. I used to not have clue as to what I wanted to do when I grew up and now I have found a new passion for higher education and student affairs. If I could go back in time I would tell my high school self to not sweat the small stuff and the things I thought were the “worst days of my life” were really just a bump in the road. Its funny to think about the things you used to think were such a big deal, and now they are nothing but a brush off the shoulder. I would also tell myself to not waste my time in the Education Program because it just wasn’t for me. That could have saved me an extra year of tuition, but I guess you live and you learn! 🙂


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4 Responses to High School Me

  1. I think we all use to sweat the small stuff back then… Looking back at my senior year first semester, I thought the world would end because I missed one of the playoff football games.. (got in trouble with the parents) lol I mean I felt like it was the end of the world…. Now I see it was nothing…like most of the things I use to get upset with when I was younger…. But high school was fun, don’t ya think? lol

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  3. mdlarotta says:

    It is funny how we made such minor mishaps in our lives out to the biggest deal ever. I think it’s good that you haven’t had to change much about yourself from high school, you seem like you were way ahead of the game. I can definitely relate to how knowing what you wan to do for the rest of your life makes it so much easier to be responsible and stay focused.

  4. College is so expensive therefore its best to figure out what you want to do early otherwise you can spend a lot of unnecessary money. I have a few friends who stopped going to school once they finished their core so they wouldn’t waste their money and they could figure out what they wanted to do.

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