Teen Pregnancy

I think that the original intended purpose of these shows was to portray the obstacles and the hardships of being a teen mother, but instead these girls are now being glamorous and glorified in the media. In the 3 or 4 seasons that teen mom has been on air, only one couple has actually gotten married and worked out with their baby. Which is the reality. Plus, parents do a lot for their children in most of these shows and it just really surprises me how the media portrays these women and shows teen pregnancy as almost being something that is considered cool. I think the shows are actually doing more harm than good, and that even though they may be entertaining, they are not completing their intended purposeĀ  which was to show the dangers and hardships so no one would want to be pregnant as a teen. I think that if they had them each constantly talk about how hard it is to be a teen mother and how much they love their kids but know how much easier things would have been if they hadn’t gotten pregnant, that maybe the show would fulfill its original purpose.

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2 Responses to Teen Pregnancy

  1. lennoxreid says:

    Agreed. I never watched the show before, but from what I’m told it had a different message in the beginning. If they can’t go back to that message then I don’t see the point for shows like these to be aired.

  2. Gianna says:

    I agree with you. I think that the shows intended motives are not playing out now. If they focused on other aspects it may be a bit better, but not much.

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