I think iPads are a great invention. I think they are really cool, convenient and show how high tech our generation is. I however, would not replace my laptop with one of them. I love my laptop, its been through a lot, but I love the way it works and has figured out the way I type things. I’m sure an iPad would be nice, but I’m not a huge fan of touch screens, I like the sound of keyboards. (yes, I know I am weird.) Some of my friends have the iPad and its a fun toy to play with, but I don’t really know what I would do with it if I owned one. I already have the newest edition of the iTouch and a Mac. Too many more apple products and I might just go technologically crazy 🙂

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2 Responses to iPad

  1. I feel the same way about my laptop…I wouldn’t trade my 2004 refurbished laptop for the world, not even an iPad! It’s really old and a little clunky but honestly, it works better than most of my friend’s laptops! I agree with you about touch screens! They are annoying and they always freeze up!

  2. djviga says:

    I guess we are the last two who are fighting for the PC. I just think that if you buy one Apple product, they will reel you in and you’re stuck in the apple web. I have to agree that I like the sound of the keys as well. I like the bulk of the Laptop because you feel more powerful the more hardware you carry. I am also terrible with these flimsy products so the iPad wouldn’t last a day in my posession.

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