Pet Peeves

Throughout my years in this world, I have found that people’s biggest pet peeves are the ones that hit closest to home. For example, my biggest pet peeve is when people smack their food, which my brother does all the time. My mothers biggest pet peeve is the sound of people chewing ice. Are there any similarities in those? I think so. I also think that we pick up on things that “annoy” us when we are constantly around them, just so we can find something wrong with a situation. Call me crazy, but its just my theory. I know a lot of people that say they don’t have any pet peeves, but the minute you show them one they start to complain and agree with you that it is annoying. I can’t stand dirtiness either. My roommate is one of the messiest people I have ever met, and her paired with my OCD for cleanliness is a terrible combination. I wish that it was easier to ignore pet peeves, but I feel like everyone has the same reaction towards them. Its like whenever someone is committing your pet peeve crime, so to say, it just eats at you under your skin, and you try not to be rude, but its just really hard not to say anything because if they don’t stop soon, you might just take a swing on them. Just a thought. 🙂

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3 Responses to Pet Peeves

  1. wshurling says:

    I have to agree with the smacking of the food comment. However, the only thing worse then people who smack their food is people who slurp their soup. This drives me absolutely insane and probably shouldn’t.

  2. lirvinco says:

    I agree with smacking and cleanliness. It really urks my nerves when i’m sitting near someone who smacks with their mouth open. The only thing thats worse are people who don’t make an effort to clean. I don’t see how you deal with a dirty roommate. I’ll have to find another apartment.

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