Super Powers

If I could have super powers, I would like to be able to fly, have ninja skills and to be invisible when I want to be. I think these are the best powers any super hero could possess. If I could fly, I could go anywhere in the world that I wanted to, at any time that I wanted to. With a switch in my mind I would be up and away, soaring through the clouds over the cities. Also, any sane person would like to have super kung-fo ninja skills. Ninja’s are sneaky, awesome in combat and are just all around too legit to quit. Last, I would like to have invisibility skills because it’s always fun to sneak around where no one can see you. I would listen in on conversation, maybe even sneak into a bank and steal money to give to children in need. Either way, having super powers would be awesome and I would use mine for the betterment of mankind.

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